27 November 2014

Merry Making - Baker's Twine Pom Pom Bow

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm popping in to wish you and your loved ones a day of happiness + goodness all around! And don't forget to give thanks to the turkey who made it all possible.

So, if you're anything like me, you immediately begin thinking about decorating the glorious evergreen and adding pretty presents underneath just as soon as the turkey has been put away.  If so, then pour the spiked eggnog, pull out the boxes of gift paper and ribbon, and let's get started with the handmade goodness!

baker's twine pom pom bow

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25 November 2014

Rich + Hearty Soup Recipes

Soup is a staple in our home. It's fast and it's easy. And during the cold months I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, + dinner. There's simply nothing more satisfying than warm bowl of soup served with a well-buttered and well-seasoned chunk of toasted bread.

It's pure bliss.

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20 November 2014

Handmade Holidays - Modern Stenciled Breadcloths

A favorite holiday tradition in our family is crafting freshly baked breads. A warm loaf tucked in brown paper and wrapped in a linen cloth makes a simple yet thoughtful gift. 

But when I want my gift to be just a bit more meaningful, a stencilled breadcloth is the perfect way to take that simple gift to the next level.

fresh bread as gifts


18 November 2014

Winter Nesting With Wayfair

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our weekend project.


13 November 2014

A Fun + Fancy Child's Holiday Table

As our extended family grows, we're reintroducing the child's table once again to this year's holiday gatherings. But this time around we're creating a table that will make even the most mature adult want to secretly join in on the fun.

With glitter galore, a fun + fancy child's holiday table is the perfect way to make the little ones feel like members of the celebration while gently encouraging age appropriate table manners.

a fun and fancy child's holiday table

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