Pinterest Lust – Macrame

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One of my favorite Pinterest boards is a collection of macrame wall hangings that I’ve been lusting for over the past year. They are seriously gorgeous, and I want one for my own. But I’m not talking about your mother’s 1970’s macrame (although I would totally nab it if I came across the right piece). I’m talking about the modern beauties which have inspired me to perhaps/just maybe create one for my very own.

macrame wall art
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Pan Seared Scallops in White Wine Reduction

 If you’re seeking a dish that looks as impressive as it is delicious, then try this recipe for pan seared scallops in white wine reduction. With a few quality ingredients and 45 minutes, this recipe will have you looking as if you spent an entire day in the kitchen. Best of all, it’s crazy easy to prepare and tastes amazing.
seared scallops in white wine reduction
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how to add formal to an informal space | {Home-ology} modern vintage

How to Add Formal to an Informal Space

My home is mostly a mix of modern and vintage that feels relaxed and comfortable. But I also have quite a few antiques, like this French wall sconce, that I enjoy using. As much as I love mixing old and new, sometimes an ornate piece like this can just make a space feel too formal. But by adding an element of surprise to formal pieces like this, they suddenly fit seamlessly in an informal room. If you’re lost on how to add formal to an informal space, try this simple trick.

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Things to Love - 5 modern design geometric terrariums | {Home-ology} modern vintage

5 Geometric Terrariums for Modern Design

I’ve always gravitated to straight lines in design (not so much in life) and am happy that geometrics are here for the duration. Their linear shapes are completely fun + irresistible and I’m having a difficult time restraining myself from putting them everywhere. But I’ve found a way I can incorporate geometrics into my spaces without them taking over my home – glass terrariums. These little gems are just that, little gems, and they’re a beautiful way to display your small collections or a favorite houseplant.

I think we all should have at least one, so today I’ve sourced for you my favorite five geometric terrariums for modern design.

Things to Love - Hanging Geometric Terrariums via Design Sponge | {Home-ology} modern vintage

via design sponge

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levolor cordless blinds | {Home-ology} modern vintage

Levolor Cordless Blinds for the Nursery

I’ve been completing a few projects upstairs as I finish up on the details of creating a mid-century guest room in a tiny extra bedroom.

Redefining this disfunctional room was a game changer; but it meant I had to find new space for some of the things this little room housed – particularly the nursery items for those little ones who come to visit us. The number of grandbabies is growing (soon to be five!), and that little room could no longer house the explosion of things required for their needs. So I relocated the children’s room to a larger adjoining bedroom.

As a result of the move, I was once again met with the situation of having to place furniture underneath a window. But this time the selection of window treatments was crucial since it was a crib I was placing directly beneath it.… Click here to read more on this awesome proejct >>

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mid-century-modern-chandelier | {Home-ology} modern vintage

Creating a Functional Guest Room in a Small Space

This small space has taken on many personas over the years. But each one was quickly abandoned when it couldn’t live up to our needs. The space eventually became a hoarder’s closet – its doors always closed, only to be thought of when I needed a place to dump an unused accessory or piece of furniture. Such wasted space.

Then necessity finally forced me to deal with the issue when I needed an additional space for arriving guests. It was time for me to finally conquer the beast.

small space guest room | {Home-ology} modern vintage

Creating a functional guest room in a small space isn’t easy. Rooms like these usually have several different requirements (for mine, it holds all my work supplies and crafting materials as well as being a guest bedroom). Every item within its tight quarters had to have a purpose while coexisting in a seamless fashion.… Click here to read more on this awesome proejct >>

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