29 August 2014

Crisp Corn Salad with Basil

I adore a fresh ear of sweet corn when it's just picked and so very sweet. Nothing more is needed other than a dash of salt + pepper. There's still plenty of time to enjoy this light summer dish before summer has passed.

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26 August 2014

{Home-ology} Modern Vintage Home Tour

Back in July I joined in on a summer home blog tour. It was the push I needed to finally piece together a little album of our home. It was also great timing after a six month exterior renovation. With that said, I thought now would be the perfect time to post the tour on my own blog for posterity. Because it will probably never look this pristine ever again...


21 August 2014

More Gold Glam - Because More is Always Better

Monday's post had us back in the master bedroom where I put the finishing touches on the work space.

modern design home officeI love all the golden deliciousness. But did you happen to see the striped candles hiding in the back?

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19 August 2014

Gold Painted Desk Accessories + A Finished Work Space

I'm back working on the office project we began last fall which I embarrassingly deserted for more exciting things over the spring and summer. Yes, I'm bad about abandoning projects for long periods all for the sake of a good time; but what the heck, YOLO.

Besides, the space is finished and functional for the most part. I had only to organize the files and the work surface before I could call it done. Why are the small details always the hardest?

disorganized work space 


14 August 2014

A Summer Sweets Party

At least five months out of the year, we pine for the warm summer days when bbq, boating, and gardening fill our weekends. But when we're in the height of summer, as we are right now, the heat tends to hold us hostage and we retreat indoors.

Summers are the time we should be enjoying our outdoor spaces the most. So as a way to work around the dog days, I utilize my outdoor spaces in the evenings when the setting sun sends a cool breeze. And a fun way to do take advantage of this time of day is with a summer sweets party.

Evenings are the perfect time to invite guests for a simple gathering where desserts and cocktails take center stage. This is how we recently did it:

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