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Levolor Cordless Blinds for the Nursery

I’ve been completing a few projects upstairs as I finish up on the details of creating a mid-century guest room in a tiny extra bedroom.

Redefining this disfunctional room was a game changer; but it meant I had to find new space for some of the things this little room housed – particularly the nursery items for those little ones who come to visit us. The number of grandbabies is growing (soon to be five!), and that little room could no longer house the explosion of things required for their needs. So I relocated the children’s room to a larger adjoining bedroom.

As a result of the move, I was once again met with the situation of having to place furniture underneath a window. But this time the selection of window treatments was crucial since it was a crib I was placing directly beneath it. Whatever my choice, the window treatment had to be completely safe from curious little hands.… Click here to read more on this awesome proejct >>

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Creating a Functional Guest Room in a Small Space

This small space has taken on many personas over the years. But each one was quickly abandoned when it couldn’t live up to our needs. The space eventually became a hoarder’s closet – its doors always closed, only to be thought of when I needed a place to dump an unused accessory or piece of furniture. Such wasted space.

Then necessity finally forced me to deal with the issue when I needed an additional space for arriving guests. It was time for me to finally conquer the beast.

small space guest room | {Home-ology} modern vintage

Creating a functional guest room in a small space isn’t easy. Rooms like these usually have several different requirements (for mine, it holds all my work supplies and crafting materials as well as being a guest bedroom). Every item within its tight quarters had to have a purpose while coexisting in a seamless fashion.

As I planned the redesign this space, I immediately chose to go with a mid-century mix – opting for low-profile furniture and pieces that didn’t take up a large footprint in the room.… Click here to read more on this awesome proejct >>

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Creating A Mid-Century Modern Guest Room

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Levolor and Lowes. I was compensated in full or in part for the content; however, all opinions are completely my own. I only recommend products that I believe will truly benefit the readers of {Home-ology} modern vintage.

Last week I reorganized the office space, unified the desk with matching accessories, and created a pretty picture framed calendar + memo board to help with my daily tasks. I love how that project came together and how much more pleasant the space is to work in.

This week it’s on to a larger project – creating a mid-century modern guest room from a forgotten, tiny, and neglected bedroom.

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Picture Frame Calendar + Memo Board

Organize your office space with a picture frame calendar + memo board that’s as pretty as it is functional.

At least once a year I try to gain control of the daily clutter that takes over our home. And the absolute worst spot for accumulation is our desk. To make matters worse, the office is located in the master bedroom where I’m subjected to the mess at all times. So this year, the workspace was first on my list to be conquered.

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A Guide to Bargain Shopping | {Home-ology} modern vintage

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Bargain Shopping

Most of us tend to make purchases throughout the year with no thought to when might be the best time to buy. As we do so, we often end up paying full retail. But did you know there are actually peak times to bargain shop for almost everything on the planet?

If you’d like to take advantage of your very own personal buying power, just follow “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Bargain Shopping.” It’s a month-by-month guide to rock bottom prices in addition to a compilation of the biggest sales events of the year.

A Guide to Bargain Shopping | {Home-ology} modern vintage

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2014 Favorites List: Top Three Most Viewed

Today and through the next week I’ll be featuring some favorites from the year. Today is the three most viewed posts from 2014. Just a glimpse into what blogdom saw as my three most interesting posts. Enjoy!

Rich + Hearty Soups are completely relevant right now, so I’m not surprised it’s coming in at #1. This compilation is a list of rich + hearty soups from some of my favorite foodie bloggers.

rich + hearty soup recipes
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Making Merry – Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

From the packaging outside to the present inside, adding a bit of handmade to the holidays makes the gifts under the tree so much more meaningful. And crafting handmade wrapping papers is the perfect way to add a personal touch to the season. Best of all, handmade wrapping papers are a fun + easy project that allows the little ones in the family to be active participants in the merry making. All you need is a potato, some paint, and a roll of plain wrapping paper.

Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper is a lovely way to share the holiday spirit with friends + family while getting the younger ones in on the fun.

Making potato stamps requires nothing more than a cutting utensil and a potato, so it’s an easy project that can be done at the spur of the moment. And depending on your skills, it can be as simple or complex a design as you see fit.… Click here to read more on this awesome proejct >>

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