23 August 2011

{Hue-ology} the science of color

{Home-ology} loves the science of home. Hence, we love hue-ology, the science of color, as it applies to our homes. 

I am completely in love with the color gray right now, and there are so many shades of it. From warm tones to the cool blue tones, there's a shade for everyone:

Used as a neutral backdrop, colors just seem to pop off it like no other neutral can do. I'm particularly smitten with orange, pink, yellow & aqua against it. 

gray & pink - a sexy pair

Gray & orange - perfectly balanced

And when textured accessories are brought in to the mix, the room really comes to life. 

monochromatic grays - the texture keeps it interesting
A nice color palette for all seasons. (All photos are via  sfgirlbybay pintrest board)

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19 August 2011

"Miss Melamine's" Comeback

Over the past two years there seems to have been a lull in collecting, nothing new or exciting to search for on my hunts (sigh). It's so much more fun to scavenge when there is the chance I may come across a "hot" item - one I know will excite the hearts of all it who see it, cause jealousy among my collecting friends for having found it first, & will fly out the door once listed. Those, my friends, are the reasons I'm in this biz (aside from my love of repurposing & the kindred spirit I feel from others who are doing the same).

Alas, there is a new girl in town, & she is "H.O.T." She's causing a buzz everywhere she goes. Her name is Melamine. She's light, she's flirty, she's vibrant, & she is built to last! Have you seen her? She's in all the hottest spots & everyone wants her! Target has several new styles offered, & Paula Dean is working on her own line of dinnerware just to name two. But don't be decieved. This girl has been around the block before.  Originally created for the U.S. military in the 1940's, she quickly took off with the general public and gave the prestigious chinas a run for their money. It was a real "tour de force" between the two which lasted a solid 20 years before her popularity began to wane. Alas, all good things must come to an end. But now she's back. After 40 years, "Miss Melamine" has returned once again to cheering audiences!

If you prefer the original version rather than the new, you can find great vintage pieces online. This set is new in the box from 1960's. Never used, its the real deal. (So much more fun than new!) Don't you love the vibrant pop of colors in this set?


Paula Dean has a wonderful article on the history of "Miss Melamine" & how to care for it @  http://www.pauladeen.com/index.php/food_section_articles/view2/will_you_be_my_melamine/

If you like the look, melamine is a great collection to start - not too serious, very affordable, & can readily be found in all sorts of styles. A great collectible for the novice & expert alike. Happy hunting!


15 August 2011

Chalkboard Locker & Great News

As promised, I am posting some "after" pic's of the chalkboard locker I've been working on.  Please excuse the poor quality - these were taken at the show with my phone, & now the locker is heavily wrapped in plastic wrap awaiting it's home in my new spot at Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors.  Yes, I signed the papers last week!  I am so excited to start my new adventure in a wonderful new location.  And everyone is so nice there!  I know I'll love it!

But more on that later.  Today, the pic's:

Chalkboard Locker via {Home-ology} - $175

Although it was MUCH work, I really enjoyed turning this piece into something special.  I know it will go to a good home & will be enjoyed.

For those of you who didn't see it in it's original condition, here's a "before" shot:

Definitely nothing wrong with it as is; but don't you agree it needed some character?  I'm loving the look as well as the potential it has for so many various applications.  The obvious is as storage for the children's daily school paraphenalia, or for shoes & such in a mud room.  But how about in a playroom for toys?  The little ones were so drawn to the chalkboard effect at show. 

I love it when my pieces are multi-functional and can work in so many various situations.  This one is no exception.    I know it will go to good use!

As of last week, I have a new home!!!  I'm so happy to have a plan, & I'm so looking forward to the future.  Good things to come, I'm sure!  (Details soon!)

I am linking this to grabtt


09 August 2011

The Bad With the Good

Another eventful day in the life of me... 

First thing this morning, I recieved an amazing haircut (yay!).  I went short after many years & am feeling pretty good about it.  Nothing lifts one's spirits better than a new 'do. 

After a great haircut, I happily head on my way to the shop ready to take on those bargain buyers looking for a deal. But what do I find? I find the shop in a flooded mess thanks to a new a/c unit the upstairs tennants had installed. Ugggh! This was not the stress I needed after so much stress the past few weeks! Tears rolling in an emotional breakdown did not stop the water from flooding into my shop & soaking my beloved things!  But there were many who came to my aid, and I am so grateful to them all for their help.  (Thank you!)

So now the shop is a total wreck. But I have decided to look on the bright side. The shop is closing, & in its current state, it just looks as if it is broken down for bargain sales. I think I'll keep it this way for the remaining months of its existence. 

As I am mopping & moving heavy pieces of furniture I begin to think of the uncertainty of my future in the business. I no longer am a shop owner, and I no longer have a home to sell my beautiful finds (enter the pity party).  Just as I am at my lowest, I receive a phone call.  The antiques shop I was hoping to be accepted in is calling me.  They like my inventory & have bumped my application up on the waiting list.  I have been invited to take residence in their shop!  With the bad comes the good - thank goodness for that!

I am feeling better & better about my future.  As stressful as it is, I feel confident I am on the verge of growing in many new ways with these changes.  Although I don't do well without definite guidelines & specifics plans, I have a great faith in my "gut instinct" - it is usually pretty spot on. 

Another growth spurt for a fledgling business.  It's all a part of the adventure!

Now, I have to apologize for not posting any befores & afters the past couple of weeks.  Much goings on have hindered my blogging.  However, I have some great projects finished & ready to go with me to Market this weekend.  I promise to post them once they are set up in my booth.  I must say I am pretty stoked about how they turned out.  Stay tuned for less of the pity party & more of the fun stuff.  Hang in there with me folks!

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08 August 2011

On Starting a Creative Business

A customer commented the other day about how eclectic my shop was and how much she loved how I was able to make it so cohesive.  (Thank you, by the way!)  She was hoping to start a business of her own and asked me how I came to develop my style. 

I had to stop & think for a moment because I had never truly though it out before.  I don't have a true "style."  I just do what I love & it seems to work.  But her comment hit a cord because over the past six months I've earnestly been transitioning my vision for the business - where my true passion lies and where I wanted to see the business  five years down the road.

Spending the first years experimenting with different areas of focus, I've ultimately developed and  tweaked my niche'. The clarity is there and goals are set, and her comment gave me confirmation that I am going in the right direction.  I truly love the feeling of being focused and seeing all the pieces come together.  And sometimes, when the stars are aligned just right (just kidding, folks), things go just as planned!

I can say, it definitely takes times to develop a vision.  And that vision changes often.  But that's okay - it means you are growing.  It also means that you are flexible to the changes of your business.  There are trials & errors, mistakes you hope to never make again, and those rare "ureka" moments that never would have occurred had  risks and chances not been taken.  It's a slow process - one that can't be rushed. 

The best advice I can give to someone starting a "creative" business is to take it on with all the energy & enthusiasm you have for your craft.  View it as an adventure.  The ups & downs are learning experiences and part of the process.  Use this time to develop, grow, & keep learning.  Never stop learning.


07 August 2011

Week/Year in Review

News Flash!  News Flash!  News Flash!

{Today's post is on a more personal note.  Sometimes it's just good to write down thoughts as one processes life.  You've been warned!!!}

Just as my life begins to settle into some bit of normalcy after a very eventful first half of the year, another huge event comes along to disturb my little piece of the world. It has been such an busy year for me - a decade of events slammed into the last four months! For those of you who haven't lived through it with me, this is the sequence of events thus far:

1)   leaving my "real" job to pursue my "dream" job in March
2)  grandbaby #2 in March
3)  daughter's wedding in May
4) another daughter's wedding in June

Big events each on their own; and all super fantastic things, no doubt. But it is more "joy" than one person can handle in such a short period of time! And each event took away precious time from me building my new business into something more than a part-time passion. 

With all the events now behind us, I was so looking forward to focusing on the business these last months of 2011. With my focus now on the biz, I began in mid-July by officially changing the name of our business, opening a new Facebook page, & starting this new blog. It was a risk after four years, I've lost followers from the social networks and followers of the shop; but the old name didn't really reflect what we have transitioned into - less of the stuffy antiques to more of the handmade, vintage, & repurposed. 

It took a few years for me to admit that I wasn't the serious antiques dealer I was trying to tell myself I was.  No, I'm a bohemian throwback from the 1970's who still loves living in that time period & what it stood for - fun, funky, organic, artsy, & a bit free. Once an empty nester, I realized that I didn't have to fill a role any longer & I could just be who I truly was. So here I am today & loving it!

So, name change & new social network sites off the "To-Do List." But just days after that occurs I learn the building I lease is being sold & my lease will not be renewed. I have two months to relocate! OMG!  Did I jinx myself by changing the name? Or was Karma on my side by urging me to change my name as I prepare for the road ahead? I tend to believe the latter.

My new shop definitely did not fit into my current location or the town it was located in - hubby & I had discussed this issue many times. I've been forced to make a change that absolutely needed to happen but would not have occurred at this point without outside forces pushing me to do so. It's bitter sweet, because losing my shop is like losing a child I've nurtured for the past four years. During the last two weeks I've gone through a mourning over the loss. However, the mourning period is over and it is time to make my exciting new plans. 

Change is good. I've always said that, and I believe in my heart that this change is going to put me in a place where I will thrive. It doesn't make it any easier as I sell, pack, & empty out the shop; but I am looking forward to what lies ahead & the new acquaintances I'll make in the process. I'll be moving my wares to the outer Atlanta areas and doing more shows. This is where I have always been most successful and feel most at home, so I look forward to it.

Change is good, & I can't wait for the new adventure!

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02 August 2011

A Project Complete - Meet Miss Mary

Yay!  Finally, a project completed.  This was an easy one (relatively speaking), with only moderate sanding in addition to peeling layers of latex from the enamel undercoat, one coat of ASCP (paint), & a coat of wax.  I wish they were all this easy...  But one can dream. 

Today we are introducing a super sweet piece.  Meet Miss Mary.  Isn't she dreamy?

Useful Cupboard/Cabinet - Duck Egg Blue by {Home-o-logy}, $110.00
A bit worn & in need of some minor repair initially, it didn't take much to get her ready for her debut:

The simplicity of her lines keep her clean and fresh for any style room.  And she's a nice size to fit in a small space.  Another useful piece fit for any need. 

We always keep the details as original as possible.  Don't you just love her porcelain knob & old painted latch & hook?  She is going to make someone's space very special.

The ASCP creates a nice painted texture & depth, unlike the flatness of latex, & the addition of a waxed finish gives it a nice sheen. 

The creamy white interior is original to the piece

To keep her character, we kept the original interior intact with its minor discolorations.  Like any elegant lady, a few flaws show her character & life experiences.  We prefer it that way.

Introducing Miss Mary. 

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01 August 2011

Projects In the Works

For the last week I have been working diligently on completing the unfinished projects which have accumulated in our garage.  It has been an arduous task but one I feel is near completion.  Yay!  Such a good feeling of accomplishment!

My projects are not yet complete, but oh so close.  Here's a peak at one of them in progress - the school locker:
This one has been oh so fun for me. We found this great six-tier locker in a local shop tucked behind a pile of rubble in a back room. According to hubby, it was just fine in its original condition; but what does hubby know? I found it to be too institutional in it's plain Jane shade of tan & felt it definitely needed a bit more character.  This was a perfect opportunity for some chalkboard paint! So that's what's happening with this one. 

Day one was sanding down that perfectly good enamel finish. Should I feel guilty???

Whew!  Lots of sanding! 

Day two was painting the trim & any areas where I won't use the chalkboard paint. I opted for a high gloss enamel to contrast with the matt finish of the chalkboard paint:

It's these small details that take up 90% of the work. 

Day three was another coat of enamel paint. 

Now that all the detail work is complete, I'll Frog tape to protect & apply the chalkboard paint to the door fronts & side panels. 

Don't you think this will be some seriously awesome storage in a mudroom? Or how about in a child's room to lock up their bootie?  It's gonna be amazing! 

Stay tuned!

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