20 September 2011

A Glimpse of {Home-ology}'s New Home

After three full days of painting, cleaning, loading, unloading, inventorying, cataloging, tagging, & fluffing, here's the new home of {Home-ology}.

It isn't much to look at just yet, but it's a start in the right direction.  I was afraid to carry in too many smalls since I usually overdo.  I really should have tripled the amount.

It's amazing how much one can cram into a tiny space when one is motivated to do so...  I think I shall like to have my little corner of the market stuffed full of neat pieces.

This was my hired help (when he wasn't on the phone).  Seriously, he has been a blessing through the move & new set-up.  Being married to an engineer can be quite frustrating; but when you need to get the job done & done right, they are invaluable.  This one works for beer & good food (in case anyone else is interested).

This is a new favorite find - a 1950's mannequin on stand.  She's sexy in her copper color & ribboned details.

We scored an awesome hayloft ladder which I found quite useful to hang things from.  It's also adjustable, so it will adapt in a lot of situations.  I love the mossy green patina this one has.  Can't wait to make full use of it.

Wash tubs are the best - I can't get enough of them, so versitile & great in so many situations:  as a garden planter, as a cooler at parties, used as a laundry hamper.  One couple actually fitted theirs for hot & cold water in their garden shed.  I love the look of them.  This one is definitely mid-century with this hairpin-like legs & streamline design.

It's quite a mix, but I love the look of mixing different styles.  The contrast of a fine piece of porcelain set against a rugged primitive makes for an interesting vignette.  Uggh, I forgot to carry plate hangers & plate stands with me so the walls are still quite bare.  But I'll put the finishing touches on it later in the week.  I can't wait to see just how much "stuff" can be crammed into an 8' x 12' space!

Tomorrow its off to the old shop to pack & inventory the remaining items left for auction. 

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19 September 2011

This was our home for the last four years.  1,200 square feet of goodness in a sweet little sleepy town in the North Georgia mountains.  It's a quiet town, the people are salt-of-the-earth, and the history of this proud town drew us in like bees to honey. 

We met a lot of great people & nurtured our little business into something we were proud to say was our own.

After a certain time, we came to realize that our creation was growing beyond a hobby into an actual business.  It made a small profit, and we saw the potential.  We felt obligated to help it grow into something more.  With that growth, we knew it was time to find a more suitable home for our business.  But, it's not easy to say goodbye; and it's not easy to make changes - especially large ones.  So we stayed because it was comfortable. 

Sometimes fate nudges you in the direction you know should be going, but are just too lazy to take.  And for us, fate stepped in.  He pushed us out of the nest & sent us out into the big world.  So here we are, starting a new chapter. 

Bantam House Antiques closed its doors last Saturday & officially became {Home-ology} modern vintage.  As you can see by the name, the business grew into something very different than it was in the beginning.  It wasn't intentional, it was a natural progression of growth & learning.  We are excited to start the new journey & can't wait to see what the outcome will be. 

The infant stages are behind us.  Now comes the challenging stage of growth & development - of rebellion, of independence & dependence, of security & insecurity.  I remember going through this with my children, and growing a business is no different.  Like a parent, a business venture takes the same patience, determination, & perserverance. 

For anyone contemplating a new business, this is my best advice:  Remember the hard, difficult, & painful times of raising a child.  Remember the time, the tremendous effort, and the sweat & the tears you put into that being.  If you are prepared for the work of rasing another child, then you are prepared for a new business. 

Like a child, the rewards can far outweigh the risks!

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10 September 2011

Awesomely Clever Storage Solution

I am a sucker for beautiful things that serve a purpose.  Nice little "pretties" sitting around are fine, but give me a beauty that actually has a use & I'm totally in love. 

I have a great jewelry tree that I love but it's constantly tipping over due to the weight of my "jewels."  (I think I have more jewelry behind my dresser than in my jewelry box).  This idea from Megan from Homemade Ginger is a perfect solution.   I may not necessarily love this style, but I really love her idea. 

Megan has taken an ordinary wall shelf & adapted it to hang her necklaces.  How clever is that?  I think I will  take it a step further & use hardware wire hidden underneath so that I can randomly place "s" hooks that can be moved around as needed. 

I can't wait to get started on this project.  And don't you think it would be great to give as gifts? 

There you go.  Just another great idea from the bloggin' world.  It's a great place to visit!

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08 September 2011

Autumn is in the Air - Ideas for your Fall Gathering

Labor Day has passed, signaling a time for many to begin the change from outdoor gardening & gatherings to indoor activities. I am one of those inclined to do the same.  However, I don't close the door completely until I have had one last get-together celebrating fall & all its beauty.  It's my farewell to the outdoors until next year.

September & October can still be quite hot here in Georgia.  But for the most part, the humidity begins to wane.  When the humidity is low, visibility of the horizon becomes so clear that you feel you can see the ends of the earth.  I love that.  A crispness begins to fill the air, & the sun starts to set low.  It's a feeling of calmness that no other season brings.

To celebrate the onset of fall & help inspire your fall soiree, I've collected a few ideas from the blogging world to share with you:

This first idea comes courtesy of Design Sponge and offers a super easy diy project making cocktail napkins from vintage sheets.  I love the personal touch it adds, not to mention the fun splash of color you'll never get from paper napkins!  Check it out:  vintage sheet cocktail napkins

For a more "holiday" atmosphere, check out the great outdoor party games from Martha Stewart.  Love her or hate her, this lady has some awesome party skills:  Halloween Party Games

And what better way to pay homage to fall than by incorporating seasonal apples into the mix.  This recipe from Food Network sounds like a winner in my book:  Bourbon Bacon Apple Tarts

Okay, I've provided some great ideas to inspire.  I'll be checking my mailbox for the invites to start pouring in, so don't forget to add me to your party list!

This week you will find {Home-ology} at the Scott Antiques Market, South Building, Aisle K-7.  We are bringing a load of fabulous fresh finds from our latest antiquing trip.  We're focusing on outdoor accessories for the fall season - lots of wood trays & warm patinated metal containers for your fall gatherings, a beautiful primitive painted bench, a 1950's outdoor wash tub on stand, & my favorite - an awesome chippy painted jelly cupboard!  (Be sure to mention you saw this on my blog for a very special discount.)  We hope to see you there!


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05 September 2011

Time for a China Upgrade

Happy Labor Day my friends! 

For me, today signals the beginning of the end of summer.  Time to put away the boat & bring out the fall decor.  I begin to think of chunky sweaters, my collection of vintage jackets, & my favorite pair of boots.  I can't wait to pull them out!  I also begin to store away my summertime furnishings in preparation for a more earthy palette for fall.

This seasonal metamorphisis happens slowly at first, as the outdoor chores become less & less and the indoor activities start to take over.  The daily details is where I first start to desire change.  This morning, for example, as I was making the coffee, I realized that my collection of coffee mugs, glasses, & barware has become an advertisement of every sporting event my husband has attended, along with leftovers from our four daughters post-teen/early adulthood experiences (beach trips, favorite coffee hangouts, etc.), and various freebie travel mugs.  Long gone is my favorite collection of glassware from Crate & Barrell, as it has slowly dwindled down to one glass.  It's time to donate & return my glassware to a more cohesive adult-oriented collection.

I have been pining to incorporate mid-century modern into my home - a traditional Colonial farmhouse filled with antiques & French Country.  But how to incorporate such stand-outs in a setting such as mine is a real quandry.  With this in mind, I've given myself permission to start my mid-century adventure with a new collection of china & glassware.  It's the perfect place to begin for the simple reason that it can quietly sit behind the cabinet door only to be pulled out for my own personal pleasure & won't stand out like a misfit.

To me, china is like artwork, it speaks to the individual and is a very personal thing -  a "treat" each time one choses a plate or glass. And like art, it's an expression that doesn't have to "fit in" to a specific design.


I really like the simplicity of this practical mug, & I would totally go for this; but I am looking for something truly inspirational - bold colors, geometric designs, & a contemporary style - a modern day Clarice Cliff or Susie Cooper.  Any suggestions?  Who are your favorites?

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