25 March 2012

Sunday Dreaming


The name says it all. 
 Being my first love, Volkswagen has a special place in my heart.  A Volkswagen beetle in butter yellow was my first car.  I loved its vintage-ness, it's beautiful shade of yellow enhanced by shiny chrome details, and the sweet stick-shift...  Need I continue?  No matter that there was no heat or a/c - that was just a small sacrifice for awesomeness.

 As I've moved on, so has my taste for VW's.  My choice today would definitely be the VW van.  On my bucket list is to take a road trip in one of these.  I'm not sure how long I would last with the VW's minimalist qualities (no a/c); however, I just want to say I did it!
 Love the pop-up on this restored beauty.

 Sweet vintage restoration.  So campy.  I waaaant!

This car is looks just like my first car.  Such a sweet ride.  


Great memories for a Sunday afternoon.  Happy Sunday!

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01 March 2012


Hello, hello!  Feeling a bit better today.  After four days all laid up & pitiful, I actually got out of the house for a little lunch.  It was nice to get back into the game of life.

As you know, I'm all about spring right now.  I have spring fever in a big way, and today's uber sunny 74 degree weather didn't help.  So, while at the local home improvement store with hub's this afternoon, I couldn't resist taking a peek in the garden section.  Not much to see yet; but I did discover a nice little selection of succulents.  I couldn't resist...  Three little pots came home with me & will be potted just as soon as I prepare the right type soil for them.

Succulents are such easy peasy plants to care for.  And what more could you ask for when it comes to architectural interest?  They are amazing little beings, for sure, and such a hot trend right now. They are also a great plant for those living in small spaces with little for green space of their own.  And just look at all the interesting ways they're being displayed. 

Here are a few interesting examples I found that just may spark your interest in a succulent garden of your own:
I love that terrariums are making a comeback.  Little miniature worlds all their own.  And talk about simple gardening - they don't even require fertilization.  Isn't this one a nice example?  I love the way they chose a mix of colors, leaf sizes, & plant textures so that there's plenty of interest going on.


And as if their unusual shapes weren't enough to keep your interest, be prepared to be blown away by the plethora of vibrant colors these little beauties are available in.
Have you been captivated by all the living wall planters that have been showing up?  Succulents are an excellent plant for your own creation of wall art.
Who can resist wearable succulents?  Just askin'...

As infatuated as I am with terrariums, living walls, & wearable planters, this is probably how I'll pot my little succulents.  All things look good in an urn - especially one that is aged, crusty, & chippy all over.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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