31 August 2012

Sweet Revival {Mid Century Bookstand/Media Center}

A perfect piece for a small space. Solid wood. Good storage. Very nice mid century form.
mid century bookstand via homeologymodernvintage.comDifficult to see here, but it was desperately in need of some {Home-ology}.
mid century bookstand via homeologymodernvintage.com
Sanding down the old gold finish on the hardware revealed a nice brushed nickle patina. Perfect for the choice of paint color.
Two coats of BM paint and a slight distressing gave me this:
mid century bookstand/media center via homeologymodernvintage.com
 Sweeet! Now that's what I'm sayin.

Perfect for the teen lurking in you home!


30 August 2012

Five Ways to Use a Vintage Loft Ladder

Oh, ladder how I love thee.  Let me count the ways


One, by creating beautifully rustic shelving

ladder as storage in a bath
Two, suspended over a farm table & hung with votives & fresh flowers

Three, as a clothing rack

ladder as clothing rack
Four, hung with wire baskets & used as storage

ladder for outdoor storage
Five, as wall display

ladder as wall display
And six, as a magazine rack

ladder as magazine rack

I know, I only promised five.  But number six was totally worth mentioning.

Major love.


28 August 2012

A Post of Pretty Things

This is my job.
painted console/media center via homeologymodernvintage.com
Gotta love it, right?

{I won't soil the beautiful scenery with the ugly details of blood, sweat, & tears that go into these beforehand.}


P.S. - This beautiful fella got a nice shout-out from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality
           He sends his "thanks."

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27 August 2012

vintage Goodness {Weekend finds}

Happy Monday peeps!!!  I had a really great birthday weekend that started off on Thursday with a wonderful pie from the Pie Hole in downtown Roswell {thanks so much, Amanda - I heart you for that}.  If you're local, you definitely need to take an opportunity to enjoy a slice, the crust was ahhhmazing!  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my leftovers home, so that one slice has left me wanting more...  and ended on Sunday with a sweet surprise dinner {also amazing, thanks, Ash - I heart you, too, for that}.  Goodness all around!

So, any awesome finds for you all this weekend?  I'm struggling to find anything of interest on my picking jaunts lately.  How about you?  I have to admit I'm a picky picker but, jeez, it's been tough!  Admittedly, I'd rather bring home a few interesting items than a bunch of "eeeh's."  And just to vent a little, all the pop-up thrift stores that are on every corner now need to get a reality check on their prices!!!  I know it's a trend to thrift, but they're forgetting why the trend became so big - good prices for used junk - not over-the-top prices for used junk!!!  Hello?  And I rarely bother with Goodwill.  Did you know that they have their own pickers who pluck out the good stuff to sell on their online auction site?  So that's why you're not finding much of anything quality anymore.

Okay, I'm done ranting.

So here's what did make it home with me.

irontstone collection via homeologymodernvintage.com
 Love the ironstone.  This is a very old little pedestal bowl, so sweet!

stag horn via homeologymodernvintage.com
Nice rack!  Beautiful as display during the winter season.
vintage pair of ice skates via homeologymodernvintage.com
Sweet pair of vintage ice skates.  Lots of possibilities whirling in my head for these.
bail lid canning jars via homeologymodernvintage.com
Because we can't get enough of these guys - canning jars.  I love the little half-pints, so cute!
vintage desktop fan via homeologymodernvintage.com
Very nice vintage desktop fan.  This one is early, probably 1930's.

Like I said, quality not quantity.

What did you pick up this weekend?  I'd love for you to share your links with me so I may live vicariously through your jaunts.  Yep, it's an addiction.

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23 August 2012

Work In Progress

A pair of Victorian chests with some very pretty details.  It’s nice to find a coordinating pair.
victorian chest via homeologymodernvintage.com
Tall boy.

victorian chest via homeologymodernvintage.com
Low boy.

victorian chest via homeologymodernvintage.com

victorian chest via homeologymodernvintage.com
Their potential is about all these puppies have going for them right now.  Look at the condition they’re in!  Not just anyone is crazy enough to tackle a job like this.  But they have great bones in their solid walnut frames & are totally worth bringing back from the brink.

And sometimes you come across a little something special that makes you glad you decided to save them.
Can you read what it says?  A private note beautifully written in cursive found on the underneath of the chest.  It was only meant for one person to see – I wonder who.  Was it was a plea to a beloved in the hopes that they would stay?  I like to believe it is, and I hope they stayed, and I hope they were glad they did.

I am completely motivated to save them now.  And I will make them beautiful.
victorian chest via homeologymodernvintage.com

 Sanding & drudgery complete.

 It's now on to the fun stuff, although not just yet.  This pair is going to take some time but def worth the wait!

Did you know that you can subscribe to {Home-ology} modern vintage and have it sent directly to your email each morning?  Just sign up under the email subscription tab on the right hand side.  You'll get a fresh dose of vintage goodness each & every morning to enjoy with your cup of coffee!

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22 August 2012

Modern Wall Hanging in Gold

It was such a beautiful day today.  55 degrees this morning with a high of 77.  You just can't ask for any better!  No doubt all you junkers like me were outside working on projects and enjoying this preseason tease of fall weather.

I was out there working like no tomorrow with not a drop of dew on my brow.  Sweet!  One of my projects was this wrought iron wall piece I found yesterday.  Don't you agree it has the potential to be something awesomely modern?

Nice as is, all black & stuff; but I don't think it does it justice.  It wants to be colorful.  I really, really wanted to paint it yellow.  However, this is something that I think I may keep for myself, so yellow just won't cut it with my color scheme.  {But in my imaginary eclectically modern home, that yellow would fit in very nicely!}

Anywho, since yellow isn't an option I went with gold.  Gold is back & I am one happy camper about that.  I love gold.  There are just certain colors that define you.  Either you're a blue person, or your a green person.  Either you love silver, or you love gold.  None in any particular order.  I love green, and I love gold.  That's just me.  I wonder what that means about my personality.

But I digress...

I found this can of gold paint in my craft room.  I've had it forevah.  Because I really wanted a true gold tone, not a "spray paint" gold, I thought I'd pull it out & see what potential it had.  It is some fabulous paint people!  A true metallic gold.  Once I realized I was in love with it, I did a little research to see where I could get another fix can to support my gold addiction.

Unfortunately, it's no longer made.  From what I can glean, Nybco was bought out by Pratt & Lambert, who was then bought out by SW back in the 1990's.  Jeez, I knew I had that can for a while!

I think Sherwin-Williams should bring it back - it's amazing stuff.

So, as you may know, I'm trying to incorporate more modern elements into my very traditional home {as you can tell by the chintzy wingback - one day soon I will slipcover these puppies}.  But I think the wall hanging may look quite nice over this chair.  What do you think?

modern wall hanging via homeologymodernvintage.com
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a true gold spray paint?  I mean, this can isn't going to last forever - so then what will I do?  Do you have a favorite way to get a "true" gold effect?  Do tell!

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21 August 2012

Sweet Revival {French Linen Press}

Today the antique French linen press is complete, refined, & ready to be found.

french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com

I love this part...

Here is the before.  We started out with a piece that was worn, rough, & in need of some major nourishment.  Her 130+ years were really showing.  If you want to see more of the "before," click on my earlier post here.

french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com
 And the after:

So much better in a new coat of paint!  Painted an antique white & appropriately distressed, I chose black porcelain knobs for just a bit of a modern update {thanks for the input, guys!}.
french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com 
Her interior is mahogany - even the drawer bottoms.  Too pretty to cover up, we opted to give them a few coats of conditioner to bring out the luster and left them unpapered.

french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com

Linen presses were designed as a practical way to get ample storage out of one piece of furniture.  Still very relevant today, they're a great workhorse all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

This piece is available at the {Home-ology} booth on Church Street at our retailer, Queen of Hearts.

Linking to:  Mod Vintage Life
                      Miss Mustard Seed
                      Domestically Speaking 


20 August 2012

Vintage Goodness {Weekend Finds}

ram's head salvaged from the garden via homeologymodernvintage.comMy weekend prize - a beautifully detailed, very ornate ram's head.  He was once attached to a body & was an exquisite piece of garden art.  Judging by the detailed workmanship, he was the best of the best.  I'm so happy that someone took the time to salvage him.

This is where he will reside for the time being, while I admire his striking beauty.

His unique qualities make him perfectly suited to a library or gentleman's study.  Properly placed, the remnants of his copper colored paint would blend splendidly with the warm wood tones of a room such as that & the yellowed pages of the books surrounding him.  I think bits of ironstone incorporated as highlights would be a finishing touch.

My foyer is my favorite part of the house to stage.  Other parts of the house all converge here, so I'm always passing through it.

ram's head salvaged from the garden via homeologymodernvintage.comLove his details...  He will eventually be passed on to someone who appreciates his charm as much as I.  But this one needs to stay with me - just for a little while ;)

What did you find this weekend?  Do send links, I'd love to see!

linking to:  southern hospitality


17 August 2012

You Might Be a Picker

  • If you find yourself longing for a "hunt" every time you have 10 minutes to spare in your day, you might be a picker.

  • If the highlight of your week is the Thursday edition of your local newspaper and the first place you go to is the classifieds, you might be a picker.

  • If your favorite line-up of television shows somehow involve storage units, dilapidated barns, or  found items picked off the curb, you might be a picker.

  • If you are unable to pass by a thrift store no matter how seedy & unsavory the area may be, you might be a picker.

  • If your vacation isn't complete until you have scoured every nook & cranny of this "new territory," you might be a picker.

  • If an ideal date night with your spouse includes dinner at the local auction house "food bar," you might be a picker.

If you answered yes to all of the above, your a picker.

Happy Friday & happy picking.  May all your stops be filled with vintage goodness!


16 August 2012

Empanadas {In the Kitchen}

*UPDATE - as you can see, the pic's have become lost on this old post. For a more detailed version of this recipe, see my most current Empanada recipe here Crispy Beef Empanadas! Thanks, guys!!!

The garden is spent & kids are back in school.  It's the wane of summer.  The days slowly shorten, and we begin to long for heartier meals as our bodies store fat in preparation for the winter's meager food supply...

Okay, when in the period of evolution will that one go away?  I mean, we have had a year round food supply for many, many decades now.  You'd think our bodies would realize there's no need for this survival mechanism any longer.  I don't know about your evolutionary progression of the starvation factor, but mine is very much alive.

With that said,  I've had a real craving for empanadas lately.  Empanadas are a wonderfully tasty latin street food that can be made with a variety of fillings from meat to sweet.  I tried to ignore its calling, but when a craving calls me for more than a couple of weeks I feel it's somehow justified.  {I can always tell the fall season is sneaking up when my cravings turn from salads & fresh vege's to "heartier" entrees.}

I'm sure there are some amazing variations for empanadas using fresh ingredients, but with items such as this which I only make every few years or so, sometimes it's just easy to follow the recipe on the back of a box.  However, if you have a fresh version you'd like to share, please email me or send me a link.  I'd love to give it a try.

For this one, I simply use Goya brand's version with a few slight tweaks.  It's very tasty.  You can find their recipe here:  Empanadas

ingredients for empanadas via homeologymodernvintage.comThe prep time is quick & easy.ingredients for empanadas via homeologymodernvintage.com
 While browning the beef & onions, I prep the other ingredients.empanadas via homeologymodernvintage.comGoya's recipe calls for rolling out the dough an additional 1/2" in size.  I don't bother since the filling fits inside perfectly as it is.  Goya also calls for 1T of filling per pastry.  I prefer to use a scant 2T.empanadas via homeologymodernvintage.com
After I place the filling inside, I gently fold over the pastry so that the ends meet.  Lightly seal the ends with your fingers just to keep the filling from leaking.empanadas via homeologymodernvintage.comThen use a fork to further seal up the pocket prior to cooking.

To cook, Goya's recipe calls for deep frying.  This is how I've always made them.  However, you can also bake them @ 375 for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.empanadas via homeologymodernvintage.com
My empanadas went directly into the freezer.  Once firm, I will seal them in a freezer bag & pull them out as needed.  If you choose to freeze some of your empanadas, be sure to let them thaw completely before cooking.

A good side dish is fresh corn off the cobb & diced green pepper, lightly sauteed with butter, salt & pepper and a good Spanish rice or rice & beans.  Sometimes I also serve a little of the Sofrito sauce along with some fresh chopped jalepenos for dipping.  Yum!

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15 August 2012

Help, Help {French Linen Press - a Work in Progress}

So, did I completely gross you out with my last post on the flea epidemic?  Did it cause you to have nightmares?  It was pretty gross, I admit.  But we can all rest assured that all is now well at the Krouse house.  I even dared to venture back downstairs yesterday with no sign of attack from the enemy {okay, I was forced to, and it was done with lightening speed}.  I think I won the battle.  Remember once when I said I was brutally honest?  Yeah, you're gonna get some of that around here.

With all the ugliness, I feel compelled to give you all a prettier post to make up for the aftermath of war, so here goes.

The little French linen press I've been working on has turned out splendidly.  She's very pretty!  With her new facelift, she is now ready to be jeweled, but I can't make up my mind on which direction to take with her.  She looks good no matter what I do, and I like them all. 

Take a look for yourself.

french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com
I know it's difficult to see, but I can't decide on which drawer pulls to go with.
french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com
These are the two choices for new door pulls or I can go with the original pulls {below}.  The owl - cute factor; the black porcelain knob - clean & modern; the original - classically French.
And here's a pic of the three coordinating drawer pulls - large black porcelain pull to be paired with the black knob; the crystal pull to be paired with the owl; or the original brass pull.french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com
 Beautiful bling
french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.comClassic elegance
french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.comOr clean modern
french linen press via homeologymodernvintage.com
Which direction should I go?  I know I should just make an executive decision, and I am leaning in one direction.  But I would welcome a little input from you guys - so give it to me!

I'm going to leave this one up to the polls.

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